What are the technologies for synthesizing nanopowders?

Only two technologies are currently in use to synthesize silicon based nanopowders on an industrial scale: the laser pyrolysis and plasma process.

The technology of Laser pyrolyse used by Nanomakers for the synthesis of nanopowders

Laser pyrolysis enables nanopowders production by continuously decomposing raw material gases or liquids in a laser beam. This method was developed at laboratory scale at CEA Saclay for nearly 30 years. CEA expertise and patented technology cover process control, in particular at pilot scale for elaborating innovative compositions of nano powders.


The first production line of Nanomakers for the synthesis of silicon based nanopowders by Laser pyrolyse set up in January 2012 at Rambouillet site has a production capacity even higher than that achieved by the CEA and will reach in the end 200T per year.

In 2017, Nanomakers is preparing to customer orders' increasing some investments on productivity (installation of transfer and packaging system, nanopowders' granulation process).

The Plasma process

The plasma process, which consists to produce nanopowders by spraying raw materials at high temperature, has several disadvantages in the context of an industrial operation such as large granulometric distribution, limited purity, low productivity and high energy consumption.