Thanks to its original process, Nanomakers has a wide range of products that can be based on cutomiser customer expectations.

> Silicon carbide (SiC): with 3 grades presenting different level of purity

> Silicon nanopowders (Si) and carbon coated silicon nanopowders (SiΩC)

Generic specifications

The quality of these nanopowders enable its integration by any industrial looking for a reliable solution for material strengthening or for the development of new materials.


The homogeneity of Nanomakers nanopowders provides the best performance gains while using the least amount of nanopowders.

Homogeneity is given by the standard deviation of the powder. The standard deviation of the 99 % purity grade with a 35nm  grain size, is less than 10 nm.


Nanomakers nanopowders has a purity of from 97 % to 100 % , corresponding to quality levels of "pure " to " ultra- pure" .

The technology used both in the heart of the process and in the raw materials introduced indice very little contamination in the produced nanopowders.

The metal impurity content of the 99% grade purity with a mean grain size of 35 nm is less than 66 ppm for the sum of the following impurities : Fe , Cr , Ni.


Nanomakers technology produces nanopowders conform to the specifications and requirements of each industry. This commitment ensures customers reproducible nanopowders that are specific to them, ensuring the constancy of performance of advanced materials with Nanomakers nanopowders.

Various usage 

Free powders

In the dry process, the standard form of Nanomakers products is in the form of free nanopowders. The apparent density is around 40 g/l.

Granulated powders

In Pelleted and granulated processes, Nanomakers has implemented a granulation process to convert the free powders into micrometer and millimeter granulated powders with an apparent density of more than 300 g/l.


In the liquid process, aqueous suspensions or slurry with 5-10% dry matters are proposed as well as more concentrated aqueous sludges.

Free powders    Granulated powders