The composite includes all materials containing a mass content of SiC/Si nanopowders over 10% by weight , materials in which the properties of SiC/Si contribute to material property significantly and not just boosting the performance of a matrix as in the case of use as a " filler ".


These composites can associate with SiC/Si nanopowders , fibers or powders of different natures .

Composite SiΩC/Graphite

Composite SiC/Carbon

SiΩC / Graphite composites are developed in partnership with industrials, leaders in the batteries manufacturing.


This composite makes it possible to increase significantly the anode performance in terms of the energy density (twice as much), the charge and discharge capacities and the number of cycles.

Composite SiC / Carbon are developed to optimize the  mechanical and thermal resistance of Carbon.


The nanoparticles are introduced into the resins as a layer .

Composite SiC/SiC

Developing materials

The SiC / SiC composites developed in partnership with a Japanese industrial are marketed to different industries looking for materials with high thermal -mechanical resistance.


These products are aimed at tech industries such as nuclear, aerospace...

Whether it is dispersed in the fibers or integrated into resins or as a sandwich coating, the solution development of new materials using SiC as reinforcement solution are numerous.