A responsible approach: "Safe by Design" principle


Nanomakers has, since its creation, decided to be a pioneer in the certification and control around the manufacturing, transportation and integration of its products in the industry with whom we work .


For this, Nanomakers develops a culture and practice of risk with the implementation of the principle "Safe by Design". This principle is based on 3 pillars: Product, Production and Use.

Control on Product

For better control of Nano

There is very little data (eco-toxic) on the nanoparticles, so we had to set up a watch on the toxicity and to characterize (eco-toxicological) on our products.


Nanomakers is participating in a Safe by Design (SdD) project: NanoReg2, prepared for ISO 9001 and ready to carry out punctual preventive actions.


For product safety, Nanomakers analyzed the flammability of very small particles and restricted the product range.

Production reinforced

For continuous improvement

From the initial design of the production unit, Nanomakers took steps to secure the entire plant:

  • Reactor depressurized

  • Atmosphere of the workshop renewed and filtered

  • Nano-dosimetry

  • Control of post-production reactivity


Nanomakers has also invested in improving engineering (work in progress):

  • Automated transfer and packaging for better containment

  • Compaction/Granulation to reduce pulverulent nanoparticles

Safe Use

For an optimized protection

Nanomakers has filed several patents on the containment and transport of nanopowders to follow the "Zero Contact" policy.


Nanomakers also propose to its direct customers who are specialists of the Chemistry and Materials, protocols of use adapted to their manufacturing process.