Nanomakers, winner of the 2015 World Innovation Competition in the category "Energy Storage&quo

World Innovation Competition

Nanomakers, an innovative company that designs and produces nanopowders of silicon and silicon composites, has been named winner of the World Innovation Competition in the "Energy Storage" category and is awarded financial aid of close to 1.4 million to finance its development.

The trophy was handed to him on 17 September by Anne Lauvergeon in the presence of the President of the Republic.

Nanomakers presented its BAL2IO project for high-performance Li-ion batteries for electric and hybrid cars as well as portable computers, tablets and mobile phones. Nanomakers' nanopowders multiply the performance of the new anodes. They are produced using patented and uncompetitive technology to date in a global market that is expected to reach $ 40 billion by 2020 and on which Nanomakers is already acclaimed by major Asian players such as Panasonic, Toshiba, Samsung, LG Chem, GS Yuasa and Showa Denko.

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