Laser Pyrolysis 

Nanomakers technology is based on the principle of laser pyrolysis.


Technology that makes the difference

Nanomakers technology is based on the principle of laser pyrolysis.


This technology was developed following an original and patented concept at the CEA. The principle is based on the interaction between a laser beam and the reactants in a reactor. The energy transfer causes the decomposition of the reagents in the form of atomic radicals which recombine together to form particles immediately. Particle growth is blocked by a controlled quenching effect.


This technology has been extensively compared against competing processes. It has a clear superiority in terms of product quality, industrial capacity, robustness and reliability.


particles size distribution very narrow


very low content of oxygen, very low level of metallic impurities


consistance of products specifications from one batch to another, continuous operation over long periods and high returns

Customized Production:

particles size and chemical composition adapted to customers' needs

Commodity in unlimited resource 


Different grades proposed by Nanomakers are based on powders composed of silicon and carbon, including silicon carbide (SiC), pur silicon (Si) and carbon-coated silicon (SiΩC). They are obtained from raw materials in unlimited resources on earth.