Production at Nanomakers


In the absence of regulation of manufacturing, transportation, storage and use of nanoparticles, we have put in place the highest level of control and procedures around these products.


Indeed, we have the experience of CEA in sensitive materials handling procedures and controls. Nanomakers has adopted the precautionary principle in dealing with these products as if they were potentially dangerous and prevent all risks.

"No Contact" policy

Our manufacturing process is totally enclosed in order to avoid all contact between nano powders and people and environment.


We have developed a process for production, packaging, transportation and customer integration totally confined. We guarantee to never expose our products to the open air:

the "no contact".

The "zero contact" has been made possible by the establishment of: 

Transfer & Packaging

Nanomakers is in the process of establishing a system of nano powders transfer from reactor's exit to packaging posts in order to optimize production time and to facilitate operator's work.

NanoAirLock valves are valves incorporating features tailored to nanopowders processes. They ensure an optimized process by routing powders from one place to another without exterior contact.


They are an evolution of the concept of Double butterfly valve particularly effective to confine nanopowders by preventing their spread to outside devices .

Nanomakers Safe Containers are multi functional and reusable containers patented by Nanomakers. They are offered to our customers that have regular orders in amounts ranging from several tens to several hundreds of kilograms of nanopowders.


The robustness of these containers has been certified by crash test. The functionalities of the Safe Container are many and are defined with the customer based on the desired layout for nanopowders:

  • free powder,

  • granulated powder,

  • slurry.

 Under a neutral atmosphere of nitrogen, nano powders have not brought into contact with air.


NanoLiqSys is a device to prepare a slurry from a nanopowder contained in the Safe Containers. The customer acquires the equipment which is based on a Nanomakers patented device.

Production "On site"

Over 100T/year, installation of production unit at customer's site allows:

> shortening of supply chain (limited transport, improved reactivity)

> optimization of costs