Nanomakers Origins




Early research on nanopowders of silicon carbide started at CEA (French Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies).



Establishment of a pre-industrial pilot (1 kg / h ) unit to produce and test in applications.



In regards to the growing interest from French and international industries , CEA accepts setting swarming laser pyrolysis technology developed therein; Nanomakers project was born.

2008 / 2009


The project Nanomakers is a first-time winner in the national competition of the Ministry of Research and Higher "Emergence" Studies and the following year " Design & Development".



The Nanomakers project structures into a S.A. (Limited Company) and sign its first contract to supply nanopowders samples to a Japanese industrial in the semiconductor industry.

Then in mid-2010, Nanomakers Japan was established.



Nanomakers completes its first round for funds and launched the implementation of the Rambouillet production site for a 100 tonnes per year capacity.

Signed an R & D agreement with AIR LIQUIDE

2012 - January


In January , commissioning of the first line of industrial production in Rambouillet with a capacity of 10 tons per year. Nanomakers is able to provide, from launch, an extensive offer including SiC nanopowders and Si nanopowders with carbon coating.

Applying patent of SiΩC dedicated to battery applications.

Signing of a distribution agreement with Mitsui Busan Electronics (MBEL).



Extension of the products range

Nanomakers consolidates several partnerships with industrial companies.


Signing the first commercial contract with a worldwide producer of high performance seals for manufacturing equipments of semiconductors



Turnover multiplied by 1.8

Delivering samples to two new customers, world leaders of Lithium-ion batteries



Turnover multiplied by 2.3

Nanomakers is preparing for certification ISO 9001.


In order to follow the increase of customer orders,

> the reactor's capacity is increased by twice.

> the transfer and packaging system is put in service.

Nanomakers obtain certificat ISO 9001:2015.