The use of nano SiC loads in technical polymers improves their ability to resist to various mechanical , thermal and chemical stresses . The polymers thus developed at constant weight can withstand higher stresses or meet the same level of requirement at reduced weight.


Perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) and fluoroelastomer (FKM) are elastomers with excellent resistance to heat, fuels and aggressive chemicals. they are widely used in the manufacture of seals for the production of semiconductors.


Product Features :

  • Stability at very high temperatures

  • Excellent chemical resistance

  • Very high plasma resistance

  • High purity materials


Advantages with the addition of nano SiC (10-20% by mass):

  • Replace carbon black and increase the cleanliness of the manufacturing area during plasma treatment

  • Improve the high temperature resistance of the elastomer

  • Increase thermal conductivity and chemical resistance


Epoxy (abbreviation of polyepoxide) is a commonly used material to cover concrete surfaces such as garage floors. Epoxy is often used as glues or paints, its chemical properties make it useful in food and construction sectors.


Characteristics of the material:

The epoxy coating consists of two components: the resin and the hardener. This type of coating is known for its durability, strength and chemical resistance.


Advantages with the addition of nano SiC (1-2%):

  • Increase mechanical properties by 20-30% for traction and bending

  • Increase impact properties by 10-15%

  • Improve compressive strength


TIM (Thermal Interface Material) designates materials that are inserted between two components in order to improve thermal coupling. The most common application is to put TIM between a heat source and a heat dissipation device.


Product Features :

TIM in the form of thermal paste is often used in electronic devices. It can be placed in very narrow interfaces to have a better thermal conductance and therefore facilitates heat dissipation.


Advantages with the addition of nano SiC:

  • Increase the heat dissipation of the material due to the high SiC conductivity

  • Strengthen the mechanical properties of the material

  • Resisting to a higher temperature

PEEK Polymer

A complete range of high-performance plastics are manufactured with PEEK resin.


These polymers are specially designed for:

- Analytical Instruments

- spare parts

- Semiconductor applications

- Oil field parts

- pump rotor and housing

- Medical devices and instrumentation

Product Features:

  • Continuous use temperature of 480 ° F

  • Intrinsic flammability

  • Exceptional rigidity at elevated temperatures

  • Excellent chemical resistance

  • Good dimensional stability

  • FDA compliant

  • Excellent resistance to hydrolysis

WPC Polymer

Developing materials

This new class of plastic material, is a mixture of thermoplastics and renewable natural fibers.


Advantages of WPC extrusion :

  • Increase the scope of the design.

  • Improves the mechanical properties of plastics .

  • Reduces consumption of raw materials finished using renewable natural fibers.


Natural fibers used:

Wood, sisal , hemp, coconut fibers , the rice husk , etc...

The SiC nanoparticles and the SiC coated particles are a favored by industrial polymers producers to functionalize and introduce high mechanical and thermal resistance with very low loads