The nanopowders of Nanomakers make it possible to produce ceramics that are purer than those produced from micronized grain powders.


This approach is made possible by the use of nanopowders of optimized composition such as coated powders, according to a shaping adapted to the densification method in use and to the wanted parts.


The SiC nanopowders can be used alone to form very pure SiC monolithic ceramics or in mixture with ceramic micronic powders of the same or different nature.

Silicon carbide

Pure SiC ceramics with few sintering agents (1% by mass) can be obtained in particular by using the nanopowders produced by the Nanomakers process in densification processes using ultra-fast sintering technologies such as Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS)


In particular, the SPS makes it possible to achieve a densification rate of more than 99% by sintering the powders of the grade NM SiC 99 and to obtain an average grain size that is around 100 nm in the ceramic after sintering.

Developing materials

SiC nanoparticles can also be incorporated in liquid phase into technical ceramics in order to increase their mechanical, thermal and chemical performance.