Silicon carbide (SiC) Nanopowders are compatible with a wide range of materials. This makes it a material of choice that any kind of industry can use to strengthen existing materials or develop new ones. The same goes for Si or Si coated nanopowders (Si/SiΩC).

The nature of silicon based particles enables Nanomakers products to be used as a source of reinforcement in most of industrial materials.

The silicon carbide, silicon or carbon coated silicon nanopowders can be added in other materials to make high performant composites.

The nanopowders produced by NANOMAKERS are used in divers materials such as:

Polymers & Elastomers





Nanoparticles for high performance materials

The SiC/Si nanopowders are powders that the grain size doesn't exceed 100 manometers (nm). At this small size, the powders generate significant performance benefits for all types of materials in which they are incorporated: polymers, ceramics, metals.

The main  benefits observed for materials with SiC nanopowders are:

> Wear rate reduces until 7 x in Metal Matrix Composites (MMC)

> Mechanical resistance + 25% in monolithic ceramics (SiC)

These performance benefits of materials allow to :

> Push back the operating limits of systems & equipment

> Increase their life time

> Lightweight