Nanomakers is designer and producer of nano silicon carbide (SiC) and nano silicon (Si) in industrial quantity. Materials booster: Nano Si for doubler energy density of lithium-ion battery; Nano SiC for higher mechanical properties for various materials (elastomers, polymers, metals, ceramics)

Nanomakers, Producer of silicon & silicon carbide nanopowders



Nanomakers is an innovative company that investigates new markets and implements its products into new materials. We design, develop and commercialize patented silicon based nanoparticles for mechanical reinforcement of materials (metallic alloys, elastomers) and improvement of energy density of Lithium-ion batteries with nano-composites Si-C in anode material.


Technology Nanomakers, laser pyrolyse for nanopowders production

Discovered at the MIT in 1980 and taken over by the CEA in 1985 , the LASER PYROLYSIS allows the production of high purity nanopowders.


After 25 years of development at the CEA, this technology (unique) used by Nanomakers since 2010 and allows the production of nanoparticles on an industrial scale since 2012.



Nanopowders of silicon carbide (SiC) and silicon (Si) produced by Nanomakers significantly increase the performance of industrial materials.


The nano SiC can improve mechanical, thermal and chemical resistances of materials such as polymers, metals, composites... The nano Si or Si coated with carbon increases energy density of Lithium-ion batteries by twice.

Nanomakers is supported by:

EIT Raw Materials
Innovation 2030 - Concours Mondial d'Innovation
BPI France
Lauréat de Total API
European Commission - Horizon 2020
Agence National de la Recherche
Le département des Yvelines

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